Joanna Thomas HD Video 3

Joanna is dressed up in one of her many fetish outfits, very dom don't you think? Just imagine what she could do to you in the bedroom while wearing this! She wants to push you on the bed and wrap her hard legs around your neck, right next to her pussy. She would make you kiss her toes, feet and even her hard heels. She starts to flex her strong and powerful biceps asking you to put your cock in her big arms as she talks down to you. Joanna's legs look so muscular and sexy in her thigh highs, she starts to flex her calves, quads, hamstrings and ass. She unzips her corset showing you her big titties and then flexes her biceps again asking if you want to cum all over her ripped arms. She strips everything off except her thigh highs and plays with her clit pump making her clit even bigger and more excited than before. She makes herself cum, now it's your turn!

Featuring:  Joanna Thomas
Tags:  Big Clit, Blondes, Busty, Clit Pumping, Muscle Worship, Stockings

Video Length: 07:55

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