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The muscular beauty DD has a first time experience with her clip pump. She pulls up her sexy black dress and spreads her strong ripped legs! The way she sits on the edge of the chair really shows off her massive quads and calves. Her nickname for her clit is "bean", she puts the pump on her bean and squeezes it tight so it stays on. She giggles as the pump pulls her big clit really far out, she loves the way the pressure feels. DD realizes how big her bean really is as she pumps it up! She pulls the pump off and allows the pressure to make her clit so much bigger! She stands up and shows her gorgeous breasts, giving them some extra love and attention. She turns around and shows her hard ass, you can see how big her clit is getting in the tube as she bends over. She takes it off and can't believe how swollen her clit is and how excited she is too! DD takes her time and models her big bean for you.

Featuring:  DD
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Video Length: 08:03

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